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Sapa suruh datang Jakarta...

After enjoying a full week of traffic-jam-free Jakarta, last night I experienced the "beauty" of Jakarta at night.

There were lots of light from the many cars trapped in the crammed roads. Then some music from the horn of a high rank police officer car, trying to get free from the traffic by zigzaging the other cars. Well, maybe his urge to pee was soooo great :p. Not to mention the "charming" black pool made by the rain on the main road of Sudirman. Maybe that pools were the main cause of the jammed road, not the lack of discipline of the people calling themselves intelligent urban people. 

This just adding a bigger line of my disappointment smile. I just went to Papi's cemetary and found out that his grave was neglected. And it was just a week after the last time we paid a visit there. It turned out the cemetary official who supposedly had received payment didn't tend the lot. We supposed to go to unofficial cemetary caretaker to tend the grave. When I jus…