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Garut - A Hot Getaway

We need a short getaway from Jakarta after the Ied Holiday. I just went to Solo before Ramadhan, and to Bandung after Ied. Getting tickets to Bali was already too expensive when we haven't plan months before. So, I wanted to check out this Kampung Sampireun in Garut, which said to be exotic. However, many relatives who have come there, said it was exotic for foreigners (read: bule), but not really for Indonesian, especially if we wanted to find one of Garut's main attraction, hot water spring. They don't really have one. So I browsed the internet and found several places offering hot bath and spa with beautiful places in their pictures. They are:

Tirtagangga Hotel : I was interested in its spa and therapy pool since I was having a hydrotherapy in Jeddah for my broken wrist and might wanted to try the spa as well. Also the place looked nice and it had family room so the whole family could gather together in one room. 
Kampung Sumber Alam : The website was so beautiful that …

My first cast...hopefully also the last

Po the Kungfu Panda and I have a common enemy. STAIRS. In the past six months had 2 accidents with stairs, well of course I couldn't denominate the role of high heel sandals :p. The last one was a terrible, almost a near death experience as I recalled. I fell off the stairs from a two-meter height.

Since I'm not as fluffy as Po, I got broken wrist bones and sprained both wrists muscles, also internal fracture in the knee and wrist and a ripped eyebrow. Quite terrifying indeed. However, I'm still thankful that I wasn't dead, that my injury was only on my wrist and hand, and it was the left side. Also thankful that my brain wasn't really affected. Alhamdulillah and sujud syukur.

Due to that accident, I got a cast on my left hand stretching from the palm to the elbow and a plastic surgery aka stitches on my forehead. The doctor gave an order of about 4 weeks in the cast. Incidentally, I have already booked my vacation to Jakarta on the fortnight. So, I asked for a r…