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Asia Restaurant - Sari Street, Jeddah

Just from the name you can tell that this restaurant serves Asian food. Being our favorite restaurant since we first live here, Asia serves particularly Thai food. In fact, it is also a favorite among the umroh/hajj tour operators from Indonesia. In umroh/hajj season, don't try to come inside, when you see a big bus parked or stop outside to unload its passangers. Well, if you're lucky, you can find a table, but the wait is long.

Battle of the Cupcakes

Last year I had this silly craving over cupcakes but got only the time to write about it now. Those cupcakes pictures were really enticing. And my, do I have to satisfy my sweet teeth. So I went to the Jeddahfood website where I found several bakery serving cupcakes as their main products. This year there was an addition to the market. Last year I've tried 3 different stores  for my children's birthday. And having tried the latest store, I have had my verdict.

Kroket ala Cempaka

Pokoknya emang deh kebanyakan resep yang aku pakai di rumah, adalah hasil kreasi Cempaka Katering yang notabene adalah punya mamiku. Untungnya jadi anak bakul nasi adalah bisa belajar simple tricks bikin makanan yang bisa buat makanan lebih enak tanpa suatu bahan, atau jadi cantik bentuknya.

Dan daripada harus nanya mulu kalau lupa suatu resep, mending ditaro aja di blog. Jadi kalau perlu, bisa langsung kabur kesini :p.