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A Housewife's Investing Basic

So, after all the shopping and vacation and all those huge expenses of paying your children's tuition fee, you still got some cash money left? Lucky you! What should you do with those idle money? Let the money work for you to gain more money. INVEST IT! in this posting, I'd like to describe several options of investment to make that idle money work for you.

Investment is where you put your idle money to a certain account which can not be withdrawn as freely as a saving account. So, don't expect to see your principal money - that is the money you put - in the near future. But expect to receive the profit generated from investing your money. Therefore, keep in mind, that you might need some current cash account for an emergency, I call it emergency fund. As we don't live in our home country, I put a certain limit of petty cash for emergency fund that is enough to cover airline tickets for all of us, for instance, if we needed to get out of the country immediately. In in…

When Shopping and Saving collide

SALE season is here! It's the cashing out season for that new fabulous Gucci bag, or a pair of cute Vara Ferragamo pumps or maybe settle with a nice Zara jacket n jeans. Yup, I'm a proud bargain hunter. In this season, I become a seasonal shopaholic, trying to get my hands on many stuffs, that my pocket allowed. I mean, if I see a nice item, and in the next 3 months it was on sale, I really got ticked. Because like most middle class family, we work hard to save from income for shopping spree. Here, I'd like to share some tips of spending money for leisure shopping, wisely. That is without having to crack your piggy bank, you can buy that new fridge or that large LCD TV even that lavish Louis Vuitton bag.  

Simple budgeting for housewives

Since I was still in college and having little knowledge of accounting, I always made budget for my expenses. Train tickets, transportation, copy books, meals, entertainment, were my major accounts. Fortunately, I still have that habit up to now. As a housewife, I find it really is becoming handy when you know how to handle simple everyday finance, especially when you only have one source of income. You don't have to be an accountant to manage your home finance smartly. The only upper hand an accountant has is that she knows some buzzwords to put in the budget system :p. So, here is a tip on how to micromanage your home finance by building a simple monthly budget .