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Sixth Sense?

Udah sejak kemaren2 mau nulis soal ini, cuma takut aja nulisnya kalo malem. Waarom? Habis isinya nyerempet pengalaman ngga enak yang kita alamin hari Senin (25/6) kemaren.

We were house hunting and visited a house near the Corniche. When I saw the complex, it wasn't quite up to what I've expected. Anyway, since we were already there, we visited the house accompanied by the Marketing Office Manager. Don't really like the appearance of the frontyard but made no comment.

When we entered the door, all of the sudden si mas who was carried by his daddy, burst in tears and loudly screamed while his finger pointing to the closed front door. Even after I opened the door, he still screamed in fear and continued while we made a tour around the house. He stopped when we went outside.

Actually, the house itself wasn't scary at all. It was well lit with sunray and some people were inside renovating the house. But, I just couldn't concentrate when si mas was crying like that.

Then w…

Chocolate Mousse

Been a while since the last time I updated this noteblog. Got a way to boost calories intake for Mas R. Chocolate mousse. Got 2 recipes. The hard one from Serge, my Swiss friend in Rotterdam and the simple one from Ready Steady Cook.

Chocolate Mousse


100 ml whipping cream (slagroom)
200 gr dark (pure) chocolate block
1 eggyolk
1 eggwhite
pinch of vanilla powder
2 tablespoon of fresh milk

The Hard way:
1. Put chocolate with fresh milk in a bowl then put the bowl on a bigger bowl of hot water to melt the chocolate (not au bain marie). Leave to melt, stir once in a while. When it melts, add the eggyolk, while still in the hot water bowl.
2. Beat the cream and vanilla in a bowl with mixer or electric beater until thick and hold its shape
3. Beat the eggwhite in another bowl until hard (if you put the bowl upside down it shouldn't be spilled out)
4. Add the eggwhite into the whipped cream mixture and mix with spoon thoroughly.
5. Add the chocolate melts and mix ag…