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My Baby's Window pane

Poor child. He's now begun to lost his socialability touch, (bahasa indonya kuper :(), not like he used to be. Now, he likes to climb on to the window and stare outside our apartment.

Well, this is what we get by living in a very closed environment. We cannot freely go outside and play. For some good reasons. First, the desert climate. The sun is very harsh especially during summer time - very bad for the skin.

Just the opposite of being in Amsterdam. I remember one cloudy day calling my mom then suddenly the sunshine stroke my window. When I was about to get off the phone, my mom laughed at me saying, "Poor you, never see the sunlight eh?!". Now, I have sunlight everywhere but just can't enjoy it.

Secondly, my security. As if it wasn't enough for me being stared by men though I walked with my hubby n baby. Oh please...!!! A friend of mine confirmed us that it is not quite safe for women to wander around by herself.

What am I saying here. I was just about to talk ab…

Another Simple Recipe - Mashed Potato

When I get bored of rice and pasta, potato is one of the solutions. Just the simple one since I am the love-to-but-can-not cook type.

Cheddar Mashed Potato

3 big sized potatoes - peel and cut into medium size
Fresh milk
100 gr Cheddar cheese - grated

- Boil Potatoes until soft
- Drain and put in a large bowl
- Mashed with fork or potato masher
- Add grated cheddar and pepper to taste (the cheddar has already act as salt)
- Add a splash of milk little by little and mix until the texture is tender but not mushy (too watery)

Serve with steak or vegetables or any other things. It's your cooking after all ;)
Tips: Don't let the potato cool down when you mash it. The texture will be little bit coarse.

For my boy, since he's more than a picky eater, I substitute plain water for boiling with chicken and/or vegetable broth. And then add some shredded chicken or hamoor* fillet plus adding a triangle of cream cheese.

*hamoor: kind of big sea fish with white meat (I don't know…

Asal-asalan Bikin Siomay

Masih punya sedikit springroll pastry, buat apa ya. Bosen juga bikin martabak. Iseng2 cari resep bikin somay di google. Semua perlu tepung sagu, padahal sagu bukan main ingredient yang suka nongkrong di kitchen cabinet. Akhirnya coba2 deh bikin dengan bahan2 yang udah ada.
Tanpa sagu hasilnya lumayan lah, tapi memang jadinya ga kenyal-kenyal kayak siomay si Japra hehehe. Berhubung aku ga doyan sambel, jadi ga ada sambel kacangnya :D

10 ekor Udang kupas ukuran sedang or besar
1 potong Fillet Ayam (or potongan daging ayam , mentah or sudah direbus)
4 butir Bawang merah
4 butir Bawang putih
1 butir Telor *)
8–10 lbr Springroll pastry (kulit lumpia) atau Tahu (keluarkan sebagian isinya)

Garam, gula, lada (GGL)
Tepung Terigu
Wortel, parut
Maggi penyedap rasa - bila suka
--> semua secukupnya

Cara membuat
- Blender or chopper udang, ayam, bawang, GGL
- Aduk rata dlm suatu wadah hasil blender dengan telor, terigu, wortel, maggi
- Bungkus adonan ke dalam pastry sesuai selera **). Kalau pakai ta…

New Season... (should've been Spring)

Spring time is coming! In other part of the world that is :( ! How I miss to see the cherry blossoms on the tree. And the wild flowers blossoming on the greeneries along the street. Well, that's what in my mind when I saw some flowerbeds along the street to Corniche in Jeddah, yesterday.

In Jeddah, the weather is getting warmer and it will be hotter during summer. The wind is still little bit chill, still quite nice to spend the afternoon at the beach like we did yesterday. Cause in summer, people come to the beach after it's dark. My first impression when I came here last year... "What are they doing after dark in the beach anyway!! Nothing to see. And the sea breeze is not cool at all!"

I can also feel the warmth of the midday sun when I open the tap. The water was little bit warm. Wait until summer, then you don't need water heater for your shower. In fact, don't try to shower during midday in July-August. The water is very hot. Morning or afternoon is a g…

Cempaka Katering - When Taste is Your Priority

Cempaka Katering

We serve:Lunch box or prasmanan for offices and parties (incl. arisan, birthdays etc)

Prasmanan for wedding, birthday, holidays etc

Tumpeng Komplit

Snack box for meetings and parties

Daily house catering (also for Sahur in Ramadhan) - selected areas in Jakarta
We can cater your parties, big - medium - small.
Wide variety of menu @ All budget type; low to high
Let's manage it together

Interested? Please contact me by email or via this blog.

AboutCempaka Katering

Cempaka Katering is owned by my parents, Pak Robert n Ibu Noor. Mostly Cempaka Katering is run by my dad. My mom was one of the chef of some restaurants in a five star hotel in Jakarta before assigned as one of the manager in the hotel's catering service section. She is the food controller for Cempaka Katering.

Cempaka Katering has already served some offices for lunch and training; arisan; wedding (from Pengajian to Midodareni and Reception). Before catering those needs, Cempaka Katering has a small diner wh…

Welcome to my humble abode

As if one blog is not enough :D

This is my second one, conducted as portal to my current blog in Friendster, Simply Our Story. Yet also for some notes without stories.

Anyway, if you have comments for my Main Story and don't have Friendster account, please feel free to comment and give feedback here. Thank you.

Bazaar Amal

Asyiik... Last weekend kita akhirnya bisa melampiaskan rasa kangen masakan Indo. Well, emang hampir tiap hari sih di rumah masak masakan Indo, cuma kan ga kayak jajan di kaki lima.

So, KJRI Jeddah Rabu-Kamis 14-15 Maret kemaren ceritanya bikin Bazaar Amal. Dan seperti kebiasaan di Arab, acaranya dimulai jam 5 PM sampe 12.00 AM. Kl siang ya panas abisz lah.

Mulailah jajan2 dari mie ayam bakso, es cendol, es campur, pempek, sate ayam n kambing, es kopyor etc. Utk rasa sih jgn ditanya ya. At least bisa lah utk obat kangen ama jajanan di Jakarta.

Sarana juga sih u kita jalan2. Trus kenalan lsg deh sama yg namanya Mira. Hehehe... Nambah temen lagi. Sayangnya sih, tetep aja bakalan susah saling visit di waktu siang, tanpa suami or sopir :(

Tunggu bazar2annya lagi aah.