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Cempaka Katering - When Taste is Your Priority

Cempaka Katering

We serve:Lunch box or prasmanan for offices and parties (incl. arisan, birthdays etc)

Prasmanan for wedding, birthday, holidays etc

Tumpeng Komplit

Snack box for meetings and parties

Daily house catering (also for Sahur in Ramadhan) - selected areas in Jakarta

We can cater your parties, big - medium - small.
Wide variety of menu @ All budget type; low to high
Let's manage it together

Interested? Please contact me by email or via this blog.


About Cempaka Katering

Cempaka Katering is owned by my parents, Pak Robert n Ibu Noor. Mostly Cempaka Katering is run by my dad. My mom was one of the chef of some restaurants in a five star hotel in Jakarta before assigned as one of the manager in the hotel's catering service section. She is the food controller for Cempaka Katering.

Cempaka Katering has already served some offices for lunch and training; arisan; wedding (from Pengajian to Midodareni and Reception). Before catering those needs, Cempaka Katering has a small diner whose customers were the employees who lived around the neighborhood.

The above picture is Tumpeng for my son's 1st birthday in Jakarta. A simple one for our brunch.