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Another Simple Recipe - Mashed Potato

When I get bored of rice and pasta, potato is one of the solutions. Just the simple one since I am the love-to-but-can-not cook type.

Cheddar Mashed Potato

3 big sized potatoes - peel and cut into medium size
Fresh milk
100 gr Cheddar cheese - grated

- Boil Potatoes until soft
- Drain and put in a large bowl
- Mashed with fork or potato masher
- Add grated cheddar and pepper to taste (the cheddar has already act as salt)
- Add a splash of milk little by little and mix until the texture is tender but not mushy (too watery)

Serve with steak or vegetables or any other things. It's your cooking after all ;)

Tips: Don't let the potato cool down when you mash it. The texture will be little bit coarse.

For my boy, since he's more than a picky eater, I substitute plain water for boiling with chicken and/or vegetable broth. And then add some shredded chicken or hamoor* fillet plus adding a triangle of cream cheese.

*hamoor: kind of big sea fish with white meat (I don't know it by its English or Indonesian name. In Dutch its schol)