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New Season... (should've been Spring)

Rafi_jjs_012 Spring time is coming! In other part of the world that is :( ! How I miss to see the cherry blossoms on the tree. And the wild flowers blossoming on the greeneries along the street. Well, that's what in my mind when I saw some flowerbeds along the street to Corniche in Jeddah, yesterday.

In Jeddah, the weather is getting warmer and it will be hotter during summer. The wind is still little bit chill, still quite nice to spend the afternoon at the beach like we did yesterday. Cause in summer, people come to the beach after it's dark. My first impression when I came here last year... "What are they doing after dark in the beach anyway!! Nothing to see. And the sea breeze is not cool at all!"

I can also feel the warmth of the midday sun when I open the tap. The water was little bit warm. Wait until summer, then you don't need water heater for your shower. In fact, don't try to shower during midday in July-August. The water is very hot. Morning or afternoon is a good time to do so.

Well, still miss the blossoming flowers though. And can't see the old pictures since they were all wiped out from our PC during the custom checking here. Sebeeel!!!

Last but not least, I also notice that another season is also started here in Saudi, Umroh season :). Lots of people start flocking Mekkah and Jeddah, and it will get more crowded (I meant with foreigners), especially in Ramadhan. But it's always worth heaven and earth to go there, insya Allah. Wanna come?


  1. waahhh...di Saudi kok gersang ya Vic pas spring? (based on you pic)...bunga apa yg paling banyak Vic pas spring kalo di sono? brp sih suhu-nya di sana kalo spring?

  2. hehehe namanya juga desert. Masih untung kita di pinggir Red Sea, masih ada ijo2 n biru2nya :p
    Kalo temp pas spring pas malem sih kisaran 24-27. Kl siang mungkin udah 30-35an, soalnya udah mulai berasa panas kalo pake fan doang. Nanti pas summer, tagihan listrik melonjak gara2 semua AC hrs idup kalo ga mau kepanasan (40derajat booow)


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