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Happy Birthday Kids!!!

I've planned to have birthday party for my two kids who have the same birthmonth, November. Rafi who turned 4 this year was on the 10th (Indonesian National Heroes Day!!!) and Zahira on the 19th turned 1 year old.  But due to many circumstances, I finally held it just last weekend, December 10th. The place to hold the party was one of the biggest concern, but when I saw the 'Selamatan' party of my newly born niece, then I determined to go with the Lesehan party style...Ideal for small enclosed home like mine.

Tips, don't rush to make birthday party for your one or two year olds. They just don't understand it yet. It will end up as a party for the elder/parents. I made this one, because Rafi is old enough to 'party' and was accomodated by Rafi's wish too. After attending a friend's party, he actually wanted to blow candles and have a birthday party.

Since it was party for kids, I had to generate the ideas for party games, but quite hard, cause the place and the age of the children. So I came up with the pinata indoor. If it's not too hard to make, I'd do it. And it wasn't so hard. Just googling, and got a video how-to, Voila, 4 days work and it was done.


And it was also fun and yum to sample some of the best cupcakes store in town for the goodie bag. Got the store names from Small and corner places. The goodie bag itself was not much, cause I wanted to accentuate the cupcake with RZ carved on it. Chocolate n red velvet cupcakes from Helen's was our choosing. The raving review about it was true.

Invited people at 12, cause I though people would come at 12.30. Wow, I was wrong. And accidentally there were then 3 sessions of guests coming. Too bad, the party wasn't really full. After the first group went home, the other came cause they were hindered. The pinata game was played in the first session where only 4 kids including Rafi were around. I made the pinata hard enough to be hit at least twice by 7 boys. So, the 4 kids took 3 turns but to their heart content. Where else can they use stick to hit something LOL. Even the elders wanted to take turn. That's a laugh :D


Then the birthday cake with candles blown. And everybody sang Happy Birthday. It was much fun for Rafi who rarely had friends to play. That day, he had fun the whole day playing with other boys. And Zahira ate a whole pastel by herself...Very nice. After the first group gone, the second one came with a whole bunch of big boys...The boys that should've been able to break the pinata by two strikes LOL...


But, the objective of the day, which was to make a fun day for Rafi and blew some candles on the cake was completed. Though I have to do everything by myself, I was satisfied. Too bad, when I wanted to take picture again, somebody misplaced it, and I didn't find it :((. So there were not so many picture taken. Guess, I couldn't chew all the task by myself afterall. But my wish to make a fun day for my kids came true. Happy birthday love!


  1. Selamat ulang tahun ya mas rafi dan mba zya...hebat deh bude idenya bikin pinata, bikin sendiri lagi... terus tumpengnya pesen apa bikin sendiri juga? ck ck ck... pasti mas rafi seneng banget tuh...

  2. Gunung tumpengnya doang bkn sndiri pk cetakan kecil nyomot dr dapur mak Inem hahaha. Sm makaron ala eyang. Untung ada foto selametan Alea, jd bude ga pusing lagi cari tempat hihihih

  3. Waduh, hebat euy mami Vica yang bikin tumpeng dan makanan lain. Birthday cake-nya juga bikin sendiri?

    Seumur2 aku tinggal di Sydney, cuma sekali bikin tumpeng. Itu aja bujel makanya gak mau bikin lagi. Yang lain2, pesen aja deh... (kumat malesnya). Kalo masak makanan berat (bukan kategori batu), boleh deh. Tapi kalo kue, enggak deh....

  4. Cuma tumpengnya doang kok. Yg laennya outsource dong. Disini apa yg ga ada coba hehehe.... Indomie aja ada pabriknya. Apalagi cuma birthday cake, kl printer ga rusak, kuenya udah dipakein foto Rafi n Zya deh :p


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