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Cold Sunny Day

Cold sunny day seems to be an oxymoron. But, it can happen, for sure, like the view in my picture.


One fine day, the Indonesian girl sat in the living room while studying for her midterm exam. Suddenly, she found a friend's note that she supposed to copy. Without further ado, she rushed  downstairs with her flip flop, t-shirt and pants and off she went outside heading to the copy shop across the street.

Just when she stepped outside for a couple of steps, a big chill slapped her right on her body. Geee!!! She forgot she wasn't in Jakarta, where if the sun shines brightly it means that it is hot outside. Nope she was up there in a harbor city near the North Sea in early December, where the climate was getting colder each week. No matter how bright the sun shines.

She turned back to her flat just to find that the door, though not locked, needs to be opened from the inside. Another thing she forgot out of the hurry. She rarely or probably never brings any house key when she only wants to go to a small shop near her house in Jakarta. Fortunately her flatmate was at home when she rang the door bell. And so she could come back upstairs and wear the usual stuff. Shoes, socks and those puffy jacket. Just to get to that shop across the street....


  1. Ribet yaaaak? Tapi alhamdulillah udah pernah ngerasain salju ya mbak hihihi *aku kapan?*

    1. alhamdulillaah bisa ngerasain ribetnya harus bersepatu lengkap, untung bukan si kakiseribu wkwkwkw....
      kapan? Insya Allah ya May.

  2. di puncak aja masuk angin mulu, gmana di tengah salju ya.. hehehe *mupeng jaketan tebel ala korea di tipi* :p

    1. mungkin di tengah salju malah ga masuk angin kali mbaak hihihi :)


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