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Sixth Sense?

Udah sejak kemaren2 mau nulis soal ini, cuma takut aja nulisnya kalo malem. Waarom? Habis isinya nyerempet pengalaman ngga enak yang kita alamin hari Senin (25/6) kemaren.

We were house hunting and visited a house near the Corniche. When I saw the complex, it wasn't quite up to what I've expected. Anyway, since we were already there, we visited the house accompanied by the Marketing Office Manager. Don't really like the appearance of the frontyard but made no comment.

When we entered the door, all of the sudden si mas who was carried by his daddy, burst in tears and loudly screamed while his finger pointing to the closed front door. Even after I opened the door, he still screamed in fear and continued while we made a tour around the house. He stopped when we went outside.

Actually, the house itself wasn't scary at all. It was well lit with sunray and some people were inside renovating the house. But, I just couldn't concentrate when si mas was crying like that.

Then we went to the complex's meeting hall. He didn't cry, but when we went up the stairs, he started the same cry again. After we left the the complex, I said to hubby, that surely we won't take any house there.

In the afternoon, we went to see another house. Mas whined for a while, maybe remembering his early experience but he stayed calm when we entered the house. He cried when we left the complex wanting to play in the swing. But of course that's only a spoiled child cry.

I believe that people can have sixth sense and that innocent children until certain age are more sensitive to these kind of supernatural things. The closest example is my own Papi who can "see" things that we can't see. Well, I just hope that si mas was sensitive because he's still a baby not because he had a "gift" inherited from his Opa. 

I don't want that someday when he grows up, he comes to me and whispers, "Mommy... I see dead people".


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