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Battle of the Cupcakes

Last year I had this silly craving over cupcakes but got only the time to write about it now. Those cupcakes pictures were really enticing. And my, do I have to satisfy my sweet teeth. So I went to the Jeddahfood website where I found several bakery serving cupcakes as their main products. This year there was an addition to the market. Last year I've tried 3 different stores  for my children's birthday. And having tried the latest store, I have had my verdict.

For the best cupcake in town, my tastebud chose Helen's bakery. Situated at the uncrowded Khayal Street, the store is just like a birthday cake afterall. With pink pastel building and white cream doors, you will not miss it, when you turn from Sultan street going to Madina Road. Entering the store, I was welcomed with a display of cupcakes. However, the main drawback of their cupcakes is the icing. They were plain. Chocolate, pink strawberry, white swirling icing over the cupcakes. Not interesting at all. I usually ordered the chocolate cupcakes. Plain chocolate appearance. But when you sunk your teeth and let your tongue taste the cake, you'll find it soooo soft and velvety. It will just melt in your mouth. I really love that feeling. And the icing is also so soft. This taste over appearance surely wins my vote over which the best cupcake in town is. And I chose it to fill my children's party goodie bag ;)

For the best appearance, my vote goes to Crunchez in Red Sea Mall. Expensive as it is luscious, the cupcake's appearance is really the main attraction. The cake itself is just so-so, like that of Munch who would have won my best appearance vote ;). The baker of Cookies was so creative in creating the icing, and the icing itself was really almost as big as the cupcake itself :p. Yet, the price is quite high. While other cupcake bakeries sell their cakes at 6 SAR a piece, it sells at 8 SAR a piece. The shop itself was a cafe situated just beside Haagen Dasz in front of Danube Hypermart.

Try also Munch in Al Hamra district (which is actually the  most popular) and Attayib in Rawdah Street for your own adventure of finding your own winner of battle of the cupcakes in Jeddah :)