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Baby's Day out

Last weekend on Thursday, my babies went out together. Well, not really for THE first time, but the first time for older Rafi who already knows that he's strolling outside his house.

It so happened that I got this sinusitis and we needed to do some groceries. So, at around 5pm, hubby went with baby to Geant. I wonder what was in my baby's mind. Usually mommy's always around. Not today. Hubby said, he was quiet in the car. Au contraire to his routine if I was around. He'd arch his back and try to wriggle out of his car seat.

He seemed to enjoy being put in the shop trolley too. Looking around little bit higher than his usual stroller.

Yeaah...!!! Finally, I have a little time for myself. But, my head was aching very badly. Hey, there was Extreme Home Makeover. Haven't seen it since I left Amsterdam.

Anyway, when my babies went back home, I was asking about how were people looking at them. Little bit of staring, Mukti said. AHA! That's what I thought.

Living in this testosteron-driven country, I should have known, that what was very common in Holland, such as daddy going grocery shopping or taking care of baby, is not all that common here.

Women at home, many accompanied by housemaid (I haven't found one yet :(). What else can we do? Sure many women work too, but the parenting role guess is still imbalance.

Like to have some other baby's day out sometime...


  1. Iya, kapan nih pemandangan indah di barat bisa masuk ke asia. Budaya barat mendidik setiap orang berdikari mulai umur 18 sih, tinggal sendiri mau nggak mau belanja sendiri, nyuci sendiri, masak sendiri, bersih rumah sendiri. Lha kalau di asia kan anak tinggal dg ortu sampai nikah, pasca nikah, peran ibu pindah ke istri :-)


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