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Bike to work pioneer ??

Once upon a time, waaaay back then, before Jakartans have bike to work trend, a German guy whose house was in the Senopati area, prefer bike to car to go to his work. Of course, it's only a stone throw away, since his office was in SCBD area.

People were staring at him on the street all the way to his office. He actually thought that they might think that he's a little crazy, from the way they looked at him. "They probably think I'm bule gila". 

Well, sir, considering that you're a bule, and you go to office by bike with full attributed suit, I wasn't very surprised that people on the street would think that way. It was Jakarta after all, not Europe. 

Maybe you should wait about 8-10 years, before you bike to work in Jakarta :p   

But dasar "bule gila", he still biked to his office, up until his last day there :D