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Value of Time - 1

Most Indonesian would say that a half hour delay from an appointment is still acceptable although frowned upon. While in Holland, 5-15 min is still acceptable, the Swiss wouldn't accept more than 3-5minutes delay. In Saudi, the delay can span to 24 hours.

I was waiting in a hospital ward for my doctor at around 7.40, and had been waiting for about half an hour for my 7.20 appointment. A young couple came and knocked the door, few times, before came the nurse moments afterward. The couple handed her the appointment paper. As she's a Filipina she was talking to the couple in English. 

Man: We are the next patient. As you can see in that sheet.

Nurse: Wait here. (And she came back inside, then went back to him.)
Sorry sir, you have to wait. I have the next patient waiting here (signaling at me), you will come after her.

Man: what time is her appointment?
Nurse : 7.20. She will come after this. She has been here before that
Man: 7.20? But our appointment is 6.20. We should come before her.
Nurse: yes, if you come on time. You have been late for more than an hour. Inside is the 7 pm patient.

Man: but we already have appointment. 
Nurse (high tone): sorry sir. You have to wait.

And the couple leave abruptly but were there again when I came out of the doctor's office.