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Fresh Market for A Bargain

One lovely day in Paris, a group of friends of different nationalities strolled the city together. A bunch of locals rushed to a nearby spot raising questions to some of them.

Argentinian (A): Where are they going?
Italian (It): I think it's their market day
Ar: What's market day?

It: Usually there are some days of the week, where the fresh market are available. Guess today is the market day  in this area.

Indonesian (In): Fresh market? Where you can buy groceries? Uugh, I hate those kinds of market, they're dirty with lots of mud on the floor and have many kinds of bad smell.
It: Well, if it's rain it might have water paddle, but not mud. And it doesn't only sell groceries.

Ar: (amazed): Groceries? As in fresh fruit and vegetables? I want to go there, I rarely see fresh market back in my city. Only supermarkets.
In: (reluctant): Are you sure they're not muddy?
It: pretty sure, it wasn't raining this morning (bit agitated).

In: Well, okay, then, how low can we bargain on the prices?
It (eyes wide open): Bargain??? !! There's no such thing as bargaining here in Europe. They're all fixed price.
In (shocked): What???!!! You can not bargain in a fresh market?
Ar (excited): Come on guys! I want to see the fresh market
It: Geez! This girl has never see fresh market and this one want to make bargain...Come on people :(
(frustrated and confused by being a guide to non European)

Well, the market was not muddy, and the Argentian got some fresh fruit, and the Indonesian now understood that the price written on the card there were not meant to be haggled :p.