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Her First Winter days

Some students rushed from the school building to another. The weather was very sunny at that mid November but very cold. And one of them couldn't stop herself from a little complaining.

Indonesian: I just can't understand this, why it is sooo cold now when the sun is shining so bright!!
Italian: Girl! It's called winter!


  1. LOL!
    Nanti aku gitu juga kali yaaa, kalo (insyaAllah) sekolah lagi ke negara 4 musim. hihihi.

  2. Emy: kalau mau, ada tuh sekarang NESO Indonesia buka beasiswa macem2 ke Belanda.
    visit aja

    btw, gw cuma bilang indonesian looh, bukan gue (hihihi....ngeles)

  3. makasih infonyaaa.
    langsung gw buka.


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