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A little bit of Freedom, at last!

About couple of weeks ago, my hubby found a resort in the net called Durrah Al Arrus. So, one Friday noon, we went there to take a sneak peek. Cool beach! But the thing that attracted me most was: Women don't have to wear their Abayas (a long black gown worn over our dress).

Since I came here to Jeddah, I've been bickering about the lost of my freedom. Freedom to independently walk alone outside and freedom of dressing myself. It's not the Abaya per se but the ruling that bind which bothers me a lot.

Moreover, the hotel offered a nice affordable package for family. Then after a couple of days of consideration, we took the package and ready to go the next weekend. That was last week.

I was quite happy with a little freedom given. My boy and I can freely go outside. The sun was not as hot as in the city, and we could feel the sea breeze. Perfect for vacation. It was quite difficult to take pics and video. We had to play hide and seek with the pool guard, since on the rule board, one of the rules was "It is forbidden to take pictures and video on the pool and the beach" :p

Being "caged" for quite sometime made me loose my confidence a bit. I went to the beach quite fully clothed and strolled the marina with long sleeved shirt, though I've prepared my summer clothes in our luggage. Well, it was my first time there. I was just trying the water first.

The best thing was that I could see my baby running around in the open air , then back and forth to the garden and the room. On the first morning, he even loved the water. He walked on the sand and played in the swimming pool. But after breakfast something happened. His daddy said that he was really upset when hubby took him to the deeper part of the pool. Afterward, he didn't want to go near the water.

1stdurrahtrip_040But the next day, just when we were about to pack and go home, he splashed his feet in the pool and didn't want to be picked up. Oops..After some time, he did get out of the pool by himself. 

More to that, my son found his appetite for eating. He ate quite a various of things that he didn't want to eat before, such as egg yolk. And that miracle happened up to today. Hopefully, it will last long.

Well, we still have 10 nights to use as part of our package. Can't wait for the next one.


  1. Vic, at least you have a bit of freedom there.. I can't imagine you're living in Jeddah and still have the feeling of being "caged". Try living in Riyadh one day, and you'll see that living here can very much torture your soul. I'm dying from boredom here. God help me. Hu hu hu..

  2. Wah Vica, udah hari ke berapa lo di resort? Even I wear jilbab, I couldn't imagine my self not able wearing jeans and go out alone for a sight seeing. So, have fun, enjoy your 'freedom' to the fullest!
    BTW Rafi makin mirip elo aja tuh hehehe...


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